Friday – Our Lady of Sorrows

Mary is pictured here mourning, grieving for her son Jesus who died on the cross


May I hereby draw your attention to
the daily reading of the Gospel?

This invitation wants to share with you the joy of the Gospel.
Everyone, no one except,
can experience this joy by opening his heart
to the healing effect of God’s word.

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The remembrance of Our Lady of Sorrows arose from a deep-rooted Marian devotion in the late Middle Ages. In our (Western) Church, the remembrance has been celebrated since 1814. Based on the reading from the letter to the Hebrews, the connection between Mary and Jesus becomes clear in this remembrance: If Jesus learned obedience in the school of suffering, then this also applies to his mother.
Just as people can confide in Jesus in their distress because he knows what suffering is, so Mary is for many a figure who evokes understanding and compassion. Where do we place Mary in our lives? What do we want to ask her today?


FIRST READING     Hebrews 5, 7-9

Christ has learned obedience
and became the cause of eternal salvation.

From the letter to the Hebrews

Brothers and sisters,

In the days of his mortal life
Christ, with loud crying and weeping, offered
prayers and supplications to God,
Who could save Him from death.
For his piety He was heard :
Although He was the Son of God
He learned obedience in the school of suffering ;
and when He had reached the end
He became the cause of eternal salvation for all who obey Him.

Interludium     Ps. 31(30), 2-3b, 3c-4, 5-6, 15-16, 20

Save me, Lord, by your grace.

In you, Lord, I seek refuge,
never fail me.
Righteous God, deliver me,
hear me, and save me speedily.

Be to me a rock where I may flee,
a strong fortress where I may dwell in safety.
For thou art always my rock and my fortress,
Thy name is my leader and guide.

The net which men cast upon me in secret,
I escape through You who protect me always.
Confidently I commit my mind to thy hands,
Thou wilt protect me, faithful God.

Still I trust in You, Lord,
Always I say: Thou art my God.
My fate is in thy hands,
deliver me from my persecutors.

How great are thy benefits, Lord,
which Thou hast assigned to those who fear Thee.
Thou givest them to every one that cometh unto Thee,
perceptible to all men.



Blessed art thou, Mary.
without dying
hast thou, under the cross of the Lord
earned the palm of martyrdom.


GOSPEL    John 19, 25-27

How many torments, how many pains, afflicted the good Mother,
when her eyes had to rest on the suffering of her Son.
                                                                (Stabat Mater)

From the Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to

At that time
stood by Jesus’ cross his mother, his mother’s sister,
Mary, the wife of Klopas, and Mary Magdalene.
When Jesus saw his mother
and next to her the disciple whom he loved,
He said to his mother :
“Woman, see there your son.”
Then He said to the disciple :
“See your mother there.”
And from that moment the disciple took her into his home.

Laudato Si

Encyclic of


On Care of the Common Home

46. The social dimensions of global change include the effects of technological innovations on employment, social exclusion, an inequitable distribution and consumption of energy and other services, social breakdown, increased violence and a rise in new forms of social aggression, drug trafficking, growing drug use by young people, and the loss of identity. These are signs that the growth of the past two centuries has not always led to an integral development and an improvement in the quality of life. Some of these signs are also symptomatic of real social decline, the silent rupture of the bonds of integration and social cohesion.

To be continued


The Bible text in this edition is taken from De Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling,
©Nederlands Bijbelgenootschap 2004/2007.
Recitals from Liturgical suggestions for the week days and Sundays
Laudato Si Official English translation


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