Tuesday – HH. Cosmas and Damianus, mart.

Twin brothers from the 2nd half of the 2nd century in Syria. Both physicians who worked for free.
First victims of Diocletian during the persecution of Christians.
Beheaded in 303.


May I hereby draw your attention to
the daily reading of the Gospel?

This invitation wants to share with You the joy
of the Gospel. Everyone, no one except,
can experience that joy by opening their hearts
to the healing power of God’s word.

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Jerusalem is still only a small part of the giant Persian empire. The Jews are giving up hope that they will one day form a real kingdom again with a king from the lineage of David. Rather than restoring earthly power, they will focus on what constitutes the deepest meaning of their existence: Restoring the cult and deepening their faith in God. When life’s setbacks become too much for us, when we become one illusion poorer, are we able to fall back on the essence of our lives even then? Do we use those setbacks as opportunities to purify and deepen our faith? So that later we can joyfully celebrate the feast of our liberation, the Feast of Easter?


FIRST READING                     Ezr. 6, 7-8. 12b. 14-20
The Israelites celebrated Passover in the new temple.

From the book of Ezra

In those days, King Daríus wrote to the stadholders
from the area across the River:
“Let the work on the temple continue ,
so that the governor of Judah and the elders of the Jews
may rebuild the temple in its former place.
Moreover, I hereby stipulate,
that ye should cooperate with the elders of the Jews
to rebuild this temple.
Expenses are to be paid to these men in full
and on time be reimbursed
from the royal revenues and taxes
of the territory across the River.
I, Daríus, have issued this decree.
It must be carefully implemented.”

The elders of the Jews continued the construction
and this proceeded prosperously, thanks to the actions
of the prophets Haggaï and Zechariah the son of Iddo.
They completed the work
that had been imposed on them by the God of Israel
and by Cyrus and Daríus and Artachsata,
the king of Persia.
The temple was finished on the third day
of the month of Adar,
in the sixth year of King Daríus’ reign.
Thereupon the Israelites, priests and Levites
and all the returned exiles,
joyfully celebrated the dedication of the temple.
At the dedication of the temple, they sacrificed one hundred bulls,
two hundred rams, four hundred lambs
and, according to the number of tribes of Israel,
twelve goats as a sin offering for all Israel.
In view of the service of God in Jerusalem
they divided the priests into classes
and the Levites into divisions,
as the book of Moses stipulates.
On the fourteenth day of the first month
the returned exiles celebrated the Passover feast.
The priests and the Levites had all sanctified themselves,
so that they were all clean.
They slaughtered the paschal lamb for all the returned exiles,
for their fellow priests and for themselves.

INTERLUDIUM             Ps. 122(121), 1-2, 3-4a, 4b-5

How happy was I, when I was called:
We are going to God’s house!

How happy was I, when I was called:
We are going to God’s house!
Now may my foot, Jerusalem,
enter your gates.

Jerusalem, walled city,
built so close together:
To thee do the tribes march,
the tribes of God’s people.

They go according to Israel’s custom
worship the Name of God.
There stand the seats of justice,
the throne of David’s house.


ALLELUIA             John 14.23

If anyone loves Me ,
he will keep My word;
my Father will love him
and We will come to him.


GOSPEL                    Lk. 8, 19-21
My mother and my brothers are those
who hear the word of God and act according to it.

From the holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Luke

At that time his mother came to Jesus with his brethren,
but because of the crowd they could not reach Him.
So they informed Him:
“Your mother and your brothers are outside and want to speak to You.”
But He replied to them:
“My mother and my brethren are they ,
who hear the word of God and act accordingly.”


Laudato Si

Encyclic by


On caring for the common home
57. It is foreseeable that in the face of the depletion of some resources, people will look for a favourable scenario for new wars, masked with noble demands. War always causes severe damage to the environment and cultural wealth of peoples, and the risks become enormous when one thinks of nuclear and biological weapons. After all, “despite international agreements prohibiting chemical, bacteriological and biological war, it is a fact that in the laboratories research continues on the development of new weapons of attack capable of affecting the natural balance. “Greater attention is demanded of politicians to prevent and resolve the causes that may cause new conflicts. But power along with money is what most opposes these efforts, and political plans often lack a broad vision. Why do they want to maintain a power today that will be remembered for its inability to intervene when it was urgent and necessary to do so?

To be continued


The Bible text in this issue is taken from The New Translation of the Bible,
©Dutch Bible Society 2004/2007.
Considerations from Liturgical suggestions for weekdays and Sundays
Laudato Si Official English translation

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