Thunderday – HH. Timothy and Titus, bb.


H. Timothy was bishop of Ephesus
He died a martyr’s death in 97

H. Titus was a disciple and supporter of the Apostle Paul. Died in 105 on Crete
He was also bishop of Kreta



May I hereby call your attention to
the daily reading of the Gospel?

This invitation wants to share with you the joy of the Gospel.
Everyone, no one excepted,
can experience that joy by opening his heart
to the healing effect of God’s word.

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Today’s remembrance follows yesterday’s feast. Timothy and Titus, co-workers and travelling companions of Paul, represent the second generation. They are the link to the gentile Christians. Without yesterday’s feast and the fact that we celebrated, we would not be sitting here together. Today, I want to highlight the figure of Titus in particular. After 14 years, Paul went to Jerusalem the second time. The mission among the Gentiles was underway but was generating great swells. Paul took Titus to Jerusalem as a test case. Here you have an example of such a gentile Christian. Yes or no, do we go through with it? And they went through with it. Fortunately for us.


FIRST READING   Tit. 1, 1-5

Paul to Titus, his legitimate child in the common faith.

From the letter of the holy apostle Paul to Titus

From Paul,
servant of God and apostle of Jesus Christ,
to bring God’s elected people to the faith
and the knowledge of the true religion,
in the hope of eternal life.
Long ago, God who does not lie promised eternal life
and now, in due time, He has made His word public
in the proclamation entrusted to me
by a commission from God our Savior . . .

Paul to Titus,
his lawful child in the common faith :

Grace and peace to you
because of God our Father and Christ Jesus our Savior !

I left you in Crete with the intention
that you would complete the organization of the church
by appointing presbyters in every city
according to the directives I have given you.

INTERLUDIUM   Ps. 96(95), 1-2a, 2b-3, 7-8a, 10

Report to the nations God’s glory,
His wonderful deeds to all nations.

Sing to the Lord a new song,
sing to the Lord all nations.
Sing to the Lord and glorify his Name.

Proclaim his salvation all the days,
announce to the nations his glory,
his wonderful deeds to all nations.

Praise the Lord, all tribes and peoples,
Glorify the Lord for His glory and power,
praise the Lord for the glory of his name.

Say to one another : the Lord reigns !
He created the earth unshakably,
He governs the nations with equity.


ALLELUIA      Lk. 4, 18-19

The Lord has sent me
to bring the Good News to the poor,
to prisoners to announce their release.


GOSPEL   Lk. 10, 1-9

The harvest is great, but workers are few.

From the holy gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to

At that time the Lord appointed seventy-two disciples
and sent them two by two ahead of him
to all the cities and places
to which He Himself intended to go.
He spoke to them :
“The harvest is great, but laborers are few.
“Therefore ask the Lord of the harvest
to send out laborers to harvest.
“Go therefore,
but behold, I send you forth as lambs among wolves.
“Take with you no purse, no traveling bag, no footwear
and greet no one on the way.
“In whatever house you enter let your first word be :
Peace to this house!
“If a man of peace lives there,
then your peace shall be upon him;
if not, it will return to you.
“Remain in that house and eat and drink what they offer you ;
for the laborer is worthy of his wages.
“Do not go from one house to another.
“In every city where you enter and are received,
eat what is set before you, heal the sick who are there
and say to them : The kingdom of God is near you.”


Laudato Si

Encyclic by


On the care of the common home 

Second chapter      The Gospel of Creation

62 . Why do we include a chapter on beliefs in this document, which is addressed to all people of good will? I am aware that in the realm of politics and thought, some people strongly reject the idea of a Creator or hold it for irrelevance, relegating to the realm of the irrational the riches that religions can offer for an integral ecology and the full development of the human race. Other times, they presume these constitute a subculture that must simply be tolerated. However, science and religion, which offer different approaches to reality, can engage in an intensive and mutually productive dialogue.


To be continued                   

The Bible text in this issue is taken from The New Bible Translation,
©Dutch Bible Society 2004/2007.
Considerations from Liturgical suggestions for the weekdays and Sundays
Laudato Si Official English translation


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