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May I hereby draw your attention to
the daily reading of the Gospel?

This invitation wants to share with you the joy of the Gospel.
Everyone, no one except,
can experience this joy by opening their hearts to the healing effect of
to the healing effect of God’s word.

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Last Sunday’s gospel returns. First, we note that this is a commandment and this is explicitly mentioned (the high priestly prayer). Such a thing occurs nowhere in the Synoptics. With John, it comes at the moment the farewell speech is done. It is a climax (connection with 13.31). Further, this is Johannine’s theology. The glorification includes the whole Easter Triduum. Cross, death (exaltation, exaltation), and resurrection are one. The prayer will culminate in the request that the disciples too would share in that glory. In fact, that is the ultimate meaning of his glorification. His death releases forces that are salvific, redemptive, saving, and beneficial to all.

FIRST READING       Acts 20, 17-27

My career is over and so is the task that I received from the Lord Jesus.

From the Acts of the Apostles

In those days Paul sent a messenger from Miletus to Ephesus
to summon the elders of that church.
When they came to him
he addressed them thus:
“Ye know how I
from the first day that I came to Asia,
have lived among you all this time;
how I have served the Lord in all humility,
under tears
and in tribulations
that came upon me because of the attacks of the Jews ;
how I did not omit 
to preach and teach you in public and at home.
While I was exhorting Jews and Greeks
to convert to God
and believe in our Lord Jesus.
“And now I find myself,
bound by the Spirit as I am,
on my way to Jerusalem,
without knowing what will happen to me there;
but the Holy Spirit assures me from city to city
that fetters and torments await me.
“But I do not attach the least value to my life,
as long as I finish my career
and the task which I have received from the Lord Jesus
to bear witness to the gospel of God’s grace.
“And now I know that ye shall see my face no more,
all of you with whom I have gone around
to preach the kingdom.
“Therefore I assure you on this day
that I am innocent of the blood of any man.
“For I have left nothing
to proclaim unto you the fullness of God’s decree.

INTERLUDIUM      Ps. 68(67), 10-11, 20-21

Sing now to God, kingdoms of the earth.
or: Alleluia.

A nourishing rain came down from heaven,
Thy exhausted inheritance hast thou quickened.
Thy flock hath found its resting place there,
which Thou hast prepared for her in Thy goodness.

The Lord be praised day by day:
He bears our burdens, the God of our salvation.
For our God is a God who redeems,
the Lord our God delivers from death.


GOSPEL                 John 17, 1-11a

Father, glorify your Son.

From the Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to

At that time Jesus lifted his eyes to heaven and said :
“Father, the hour has come.
“Glorify your Son
that the Son may glorify Thee.
“For Thou hast given Him power over all men
to give eternal life
to all whom Thou hast given Him.
“And this is life eternal
that they may know Thee, the only true God
and Him whom Thou hast sent, Jesus Christ.
“I have glorified Thee on earth
by doing the work which Thou hast set Me to do.
“Thou, Father, glorify Me now by Thyself
and give Me the glory
which I had with You before the world existed.
“I have revealed Your name
to those whom Thou hast given Me out of the world.
“They belonged to You;
Thou hast given them to Me
and they have kept Thy word.
“Now they know that all Thou hast given Me is from Thee.
“For the message which Thou hast communicated unto me,
I have communicated to them,
and they have accepted it
and acknowledged truthfully that I have come forth from Thee,
and they have believed that Thou hast sent Me.
“I pray for them.
“Not for the world do I pray
but for those whom Thou hast given Me,
because they belong to Thee.
“All mine is thine and thine is mine.
“Thus am I glorified in them.
“I no longer remain in the world;
but they remain in the world while I come to Thee.”

Laudato Si

Encyclic of


On Care of the Common Home
178. A politics concerned with immediate results, supported by consumerist sectors of the population, is driven to produce short-term growth. In response to electoral interests, governments are reluctant to upset the public with measures that could affect the level of consumption or create risks for foreign investment. The myopia of power politics delays the inclusion of a far-sighted environmental agenda within the overall agenda of governments. Thus we forget that “time is greater than space”, and that we are always more effective when we generate processes rather than holding on to positions of power. True statecraft is manifest when, in difficult times, we uphold high principles and think of the long-term common good. Political powers do not find it easy to assume this duty in the work of nation-building.

To be continued   

The Bible text in this publication is taken from De Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling,
©Dutch Bijbelgenootschap 2004/2007.
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